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The name of this beautiful four-star monastery hotel with its international character, is just as exclusive as its surroundings. Imagine staying at a historic building, which used to be a famous monastery (The “Ursulinenklooster”) that will take your breath away. Experience the serene, historic and atmospheric elements. Enjoy a royal nights’ sleep in a chic, monumental building where church bells will wake you, whilst being surrounded by gorgeous nature. Experience the MERICI-feeling, which means being the center of attention from the moment of arrival until your departure.

The MERICI appearance is not only limited to its interior, but it is also visible in the vicinity of the monastery quarter. HOTEL MERICI is surrounded by the historic Dominicanenwal with adjoining fields, the old canals and with a breathtakingly beautiful connection towards the Basilica and the Oude Markt. 


Sittard - the city of Toon Hermans, a famous Dutch singer, poet and painter - and HOTEL MERICI are an indispensable part of the heart of Limburg together.